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Ifa consultations by Babalawo Cubano 1410 FM Bypass Suit F Humble Texas 77338 – Atascocita – Kingwood – Porter – Conroe – – Pasadena – Aldine – Baytown – Jacinto City – Spring – Cypress

Botanicas in Houston Tx In my consultations Santeria I do not do any kind of question for averiguarte nothing, I leave you to tell me nothing, I tell you what happens to you right now and as babalawo, you oriento through consultations the Oracle of Ifa who advise you to improve your spiritual situation.

The ceremony consultation through a babalawo (Babalao, Oluo, Olowo, Ifa Priest) allows to know what astral person lives, also determining how lucky or negativity will be approximated in the near future.

Tx More information about the process of consultations with Orunla

The duration of the process of divination in queries to the Oracle of Ifa is about an hour, is not Tarot, not Tesomancia, nor is it clairvoyance or cristalmancia (divination by the glass), or onomancia (divination by onions ) or dactilomancia (divination by rings) or demonomancia (consisting of divination by invoking demons), or esciamancia (evoke the shadow of the dead, and thus know the future. not to be confused with necromancy or psicomancia, in which the soul or the body of the deceased appeared) nor the known espodomancia (using the ashes of the sacrifices).

We could also describe many other arts of divination but, without doubt, the best known are: palmistry (divination by hands, reading the lines of the hands), tarot (in all its aspects, Tarot of Marseilles, Tarot Visconti -Sforza, Rider Waite Tarot, the Tarot of Crowley Aliester), runes, and the deck or Spanish letters. Botanicas in Houston

Botanicas in Houston

: Within the Yoruba philosophy basically the following methods are used

1. Obi Abata (4 pieces of coconut possible to obtain very simple answers) Botanicas in Houston

2. Cowries (snails, system used by Santeria (iyaloshas, babaloshas), classic snails consultation with a Santero Botanicas in Houston

3. Opele (system used exclusively by its complexity and breadth in the interpretation of their responses by the highest authority in divination in the African animist culture, babalawo) Botanicas in Houston

4. Inkin (palm nuts, used only for religious consecrations top grade (AwoIfakan (Awofaka, Ikofá, Kofa)) and in very specific queries System (Atefa)) Botanicas in Houston

Consultations with snails or conches are unique consulting a witch doctor who uses snail Elegba for the letters of the snail. Cowries (shells, snails) are the tool with which the Santero see every day. Botanicas in Houston

The substantial difference between the divination systems commonly used is that Ifa divination is science, interpreted Oracle does not support possibility of error, readings are simpre Boolean, binary, all questions are answered in an accurate and unambiguous manner. In this case, if you need a babalawo this figure will be in charge of interpreting the sacred oracles of the Yoruba peoples.

During the consultation  with babalawo a series of recommendations, advice that provides customer Ifa they are obtained. Following these recommendations the person is able to modify your destination, attracting luck, or away from the negativity of the way. Botanicas in Houston

The purpose of the consultations to the oracle of Ifa is not limited to the simple and recurring question of recovery partner, the misnamed ties of love, , healings by the deities and natural forces, works of sugaring attraction , love spells, etc. In order to consult Orunla is to repair the customer's destination allowing happiness and good things done a place in your life.  Botanicas in Houston

Terms spells, spells, magic potions, spells, black magic, white magic, , moorings, spells, domination, have no validity in this philosophy. The Leit Motif is to determine the causes for the problems of individuals, and act accordingly, we do not change the fate of the people in our environment, but correct ours to approach the joy that God has prepared us since our birth.

Botanicas in Houston Tx Servicio de Lectura de Cartas por Telefono y Online.

Yoruba philosophy in life is lived through astral (periods of 16 days in which converge a set of common characteristics).
Astral are influenced by: destiny of the person, astrological influence, interaction of the person with the surrounding environment and social environment, actions of the person in the past (kharma, dharma), and other psychosocial conditions: eating habits, etc ..
Each astral is ruled by a sign Ifa oracle.
This astral is determined by Oyu because it is not only the god of divination but also the witness of the creative work of Oloddumare (Orunla knows what fate it is up to each and by his spirituality (Ifa) determines at what point in our lifeline we are located).
The first sign of the consultation (toyale) is the sign that describes what the person lives in the astral.
The second sign describes the problem to be solved.
The third sign describes the solution to the problem.
The result of the combination of the first and last sign transmits the short message to the person Olofin
The most important part of the consultation is the determination and classification of prophecy, as does change everything that can interpret the sign toyale
There are two ways of living prophecy, IRE (luck, positivity), and osogbo- ibi (negativity, lack of luck, loss, etc.)

Botanicas in Houston


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